Hats Off

Hats off to Avery J.“For over a decade Avery’s keen eye has captured my emotions, creativity and style by crafting a distinctive, everyday wardrobe. Avery J’s trademark is getting to know the person first, and then creating a wardrobe that represents the individual. His understanding of my personality is what sets him apart. He appreciates classic tradition, but his style is clever, innovative and contemporary.”
— Gavin Torabi

“Despite my best efforts to ‘dress for success’, I never could pull it off – until I met Avery. He met with me in my home to explore and determine my goals, and then mapped out a plan to achieve them. The result – I now have ‘style’! Avery taught me how to purchase clothes that actually fit, clothes that suit my personality and lifestyle!”
— Courtney Stein

“I‘d always felt too tall and gangly and never knew how to find stylish clothes that actually fit. Avery was able to help me find clothes that really worked for me. First of all, he made me throw out a lot of my old wardrobe, saving me a ton of space in my closet. Then, using his many resources, he helped me shop for clothing that I am proud to wear. Now I feel stylish and well-dressed and happy with my physique. Thanks, Avery.”
— Kevin McMullen

“Avery has the uncanny ability to transform my look from sophisticated chic to night-life vixen. I am very pleased with the versatility, fit, and how well the customized looks come together.”
— Tonya Ty

“Avery styled my wardrobe for my album cover. I was extremely pleased with his expertise and professionalism. He created a unique look for me that was personalized, current and classic.”
— Jason Ford